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My passion for baking and cooking started at an early age. I grew up in an Italian household where family values and traditions were respected. My mother made meals from scratch and Sunday lunches were a celebration with family and friends.

Food should nourish our souls, feed our bellies and challenge in the kitchen!  An now I aim to share those kind of experiences with my readers.   And tell your story.

Share Your Story

 I enjoy working with brands who are collaborative, passionate and have a story to tell. Who want to connect with their communities (and mine!) and help us build delicious food ways.

We all come from somewhere. We all experience food in our own unique ways. And my readers love the stories and beautiful photography cookbooks – and our nourishing community – have to offer.

…Won’t you share yours with u


My readership:

  • Women (77.3%) | Men (22.7%)
  • Primarily 25 – 34 years of age, followed closely by 35-44 and 55-64.
  • Located in the USA and Canada.
  • Google Chrome and Safari users (Windows and iOS) and find me via Google Search, Facebook and Pinterest.
  • Are cooking enthusiasts and aspiring chefs!
  • Interested in food & drink, baked goods, recipes and pop culture such as films, television and celebrities.
  • Enjoy traveling on a regular basis and finding great places to stay and dine.
  • Still cook from cookbooks even though there are countless recipes on the Internet they can access. They enjoy reading the stories that accompany the recipes and admire the beautiful photography.
  • Most have a cookbook addiction of their own with an extensive collection of cookbooks that they love experimenting & creating new memories with.


Honest Cookbook Reviews + Giveaways

Truthful, reliable and trustworthy. I test at least three recipes from your cookbook and detail my expert opinion on the quality and content of the book. This gives my readers the benefit of getting an insider glimpse into the book and allows them to make an informed decision as to whether or not to purchase the cookbook. If you are an author or publisher, please email me to submit review copies.

Product Reviews + Giveaways

Since I bake and cook to test recipes for my cookbook reviews, I can use those products and write about them. If you have a product, service or appliance that fits well with the My Cookbook Addiction’s readership, let’s talk about how I can host and promote a give-away for you and leverage your brand visibility!

Recipe Testing

Are you working on your own cookbook and need a recipe tester? Maybe you’re a brand who is looking to have recipes tested or developed. I can help! I have years of experience in the kitchen to craft your dishes and help tell your story!

Have something else in mind? Please email me and let’s chat about other ways we can share your story.




If you’re a brand partner that is collaborative, passionate and have a story to tell, I want to hear from you. Let’s nourish our souls, feed our bellies and challenge ourselves in the kitchen!

I welcome the opportunity to work with you!

Please email me directly to propose a partnership opportunity or inquire about rates.

We all have our stories. What’s yours?


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